Hey, I'm Caitlin, I'm 18 and I'm from the Isle of Man.
Currently living it up in Liverpool, as I'm at Liverpool John Moore's University studying English and Creative Writing.
I kind of joined on a whim, but if you like my stories, please rate and comment to help me improve! :)

I love All Time Low, which is why I decided to write fanfics about them (: please read, fan, comment and rate!
This is the order to read them in:
1) Dirty Work - Complete!
2) Three Words To Remember In Dealing With The End - Complete!
3) The Party Scene - Complete!
4) Put Up Or Shut Up - Complete!
5) So Wrong, It's Right - Complete!
6) Nothing Personal - In Progress!

I also have Hopeless At Hopeless! which is kind of a novella to the All Time Low fanfic series if you wanna check that out :)

UPDATE: I'm really sorry guys, but I don't think I'll be finishing Not So Hopeless After All! at any point, but I am hoping to sometime soon finish my final fic in the All Time Low series, Nothing Personal, so honestly do keep your eyes peeled for that!

Guys, you can follow me on twitter :D @CaityBradders

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Just added up my total hits...34,763...That's just...incredible. Thank you to everyone who's read my stuff so far! It means a lot! HOPEFULLY now I've finished my first year at university, I MIGHT get...
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Three Words To Remember In Dealing With The End

Social data: 1.4K reads. 29 votes. 1 comments.

Description: A prequel to 'Dirty Work', setting the scene for both Jen and Alex before they met. It explains why Jen moved to Baltimore, and what Alex was like before he met her.

4 Parts - Completed

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