dwayne the cock johnson.

theres a good chance i don't like you sorry

pete davidson is hot no discussion

send toe pics😋

i love the rain🌱🌚☔︎︎☔︎︎☔︎︎

& the sky is my soulmate😌☁️🌌⭐️🌙🌄
(along with mgg, evan peters, megan fox,,, &more)

don't forget you're hot and sexy and a bad bitch and you even look good in yellow.💅🏼




some of my opinions: ⚠️tw⚠️ factual

~cereal before milk👻
~toothpaste then wet the toothbrush
~just put the soap on your hands first
~bowls are better than plates💆‍♀️
~toilet paper belongs over
~orange flavored candy is disgusting
~socks off when you sleep🦺
~^fan on
~ramen should be eaten with a spork
~^& naturally sporks are the superior utensil
~scooter>>>>>any other transportation (obviously)
~larry is real💕👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻
~night is better than day🌪
~cereal is not a soup it's called cereal for a reason
~the egg came before the chicken
~apple juice>orange juice but pomegranate juice>> all
~milk is good by itself🙂
~pickles are yum
~ham is better than turkey☄️
~halloween is the best holiday🕴
~^christmas comes in a 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 close second


pez is good


below is an extensive list of pet names that i find acceptable and unacceptable

babe✔- classic, i see no issue as long as it's not overused
baby✔️- cute, gives me some tummy ants
honey✖- sounds like a middle aged couple nearing divorce
nugget✖- if you need this explained seek help
sweetheart✔️- idk i like it, gives me old couple vibes
sugar✔️- lilah only
snookums✖- would commit if i was called this
babygirl✖- self explanatory.
angel✔️- sounds pretty
bubs✖- giving child
darling✔️- makes me feel warm n shi
love✔️- fuck me with a poleeee
sweetie pie✖- fuck off. pies good tho
pookie✖- sounds like dookie


she's with me ⬇️
stay with me ⬇️
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