Hi guys I am finally back! sorry for my absence


Hi, I love your idea. My book doesn't have many reads and I'm not very good at marketing it, but I'd love if you could promote my work to your followers as it would help me a lot. Thanks  


Hi , I know I'm going to sound like a lame person...
          But I was hoping , I was wondering if u could checkout my book 'The diary stealer' ?
          U c , I'm trying to reach 3k votes and also I need some feedback.
          Thanks anyways..


Can you pretty please with a cherry on top shout out my book "new girl// Jung Hoseok" please I just started it and I would love for some more readers


Hey can you make a shout-out for me and my story please!!!!!! 
          Love the concept of helping new writers BTW..... 


Hello, I followed you. You have a great idea here. I was wondering if you would give my account and books a shout out here on Wattpad. My books I'm looking to push are, Amulet of the Elements, and , Forbidden Lust crimes of passion. Than k you so much and feel free to follow me back!


Hello!! I saw the shoutouts and immediately got excited  can you do a shoutout of my fanfic is called...Death Comes thanks