I write many different kinds of fiction.
• Horror
• Sci-Fi
• Adventure
..are my main specialties, but every day I continuously increase the spectrum of genres I write in! :-)
You can always leave a comment on my profile; I'll reply every time!
If you want me to hurry up and finish a darn chapter already, just drop a comment on the story or my profile and I'll get off my lazy butt and do it! I just need the motivation! >u<
I dedicate chapters of stories to many people who I appreciate, so if you want to you can try and get on my nice side! I don't bite :-)
If you want me to try out a new genre on Wattpad, just ask! I'll do it to satisfy you! My goal on Wattpad is to satisfy myself with my stories AND the community. I want to know what you think I'm best at!
Thank you for viewing my profile, happy reading! ;-D ♥

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shimmerdust shimmerdust Jan 16, 2012 09:05PM
@ZombiesPwnUnicorns You're welcome!!! :D Thanks for the welcome I am loving it so far ^^
            @theKipcake You're welcommeeee :D *noms on oreo* :3
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