THANKS FOR READING MY STORY!!!!! <3Oh, I am Shelock0 by the way, i will not say my real name to make it even more mysterious. hehehe ;D.
here is some interesting facts about me:
I love reading, writing, school (sometime), X-men, Harry Potter, Jacob Black, swimming, rock climbing, going to town, exploring, hiking, skiing, dogs and Cats.
I dislike needles, stalker, monsters, school (sometimes)...I can\\\'t think of anythign....weird?
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    Apr 05, 2011 07:03AM
shelock0 shelock0 Jul 02, 2012 04:58PM
@InLoveWithARockstar. No worries upload soon!!!!
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Part of another world (X-men fan fiction)

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Description: Beth Summer is a 15 year old orphan girl who comes from a dead world. When she meets a guy called Takeshi, her world turns upside down. She is then sucked into different worlds and discovers more of her powerf...


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The Neveu Secret...

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When 4 sisters discover their mother dead, their father moves them to Australia. They go without questio...

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