Hello there! I hope you continue writing your own story. Always remember that write with all your heart, you are doing this not for fame and not for them. You are doing this because you want to express what you feel and this is your passion. You are a writer with a purpose, you are unique in your own way, you are extraordinary. If you're having a bad time, think about your goals and dreams like one day you'll achieve it. This is the start of your journey and I know that you'll experience more struggles and challenges. Be strong and happy! We're all improving day by day. I hope you move towards the mess in your life. It's okay to be disappointed, to have bad days, stressed, procrastinate, frustration, or anything else that will make you down because it is the way that will push you to better places when you step to them. You just need to fight it! If you're feeling down, Miss D loves you. Look up for the better future! Fill up the rainbow with your own colors :) 


@ForeverBabyGlow omg super thank uuuu!! i didn’t expect that someone will motivate me to continue writing. super thank uuu, Ms. D! i want to interact with you moreeee