Hi, I read so many stories on wattpad and two days back I searched for Indian writers and selected your Broken and Betrayed and finished in 2days,  I liked it so much, I seriously loved that book, it's really different from other stories in this genre. Lots of best wishes to you , going to start your next book now 


Hey I have read both B&B and TGS 
          They are fabulous just fantastic I am in love with the stories 
          I just hope you could give a sequel to any one of them or a book on Sachin and Amy or Karthik and aditi 
          Pls give it a thought 


Girl, I don't know what you're? *Sigh* I've read the story  of yours, Broken&Betrayed and trust me, I've been falling for it every damn time I read it! Your writing made me glued to the story and I was just obsessed with that, a while ago! Tbh, I'm tad bit of jealous of you and writing also and I can't lie about that! It's been 3/4 months since I've completed that and whenever I'm bored or not able to find any stories, it's your book comes to my mind! And I don't think there's the need fkyr me to tell you what I read? Really been Eagerly waiting for B&B sequel... Hope you acknowledge my Message and thoughts! Much love to you and keep going ( ˘ ³˘)♥(•‿•)


Hii !!! I read your book 7months ago and I fell in love with it because of which I have read it 100 times in these 7 months. I love the plot please can there be a sequel or bonus chapter pleaseee