well im no pro at writing never made any money out of it, my stories never tend to lead any where big. but anyway erm i have once tried to make money out of writing and it just wasn't the same any more i hated writing and now i have stopped trying to become rich through writing because first of all, it is hard and it just takes the purpose and fun out of it. I mean if money comes naturally then fantastic but for now im just going to write for the hell of it really.

I like to make new friends, i hate people that are hard to make friends with and just damn right irritating by thinking thier the best or better than others, i will be honest though i have once tried to self publish but amazon is just complicated with there guidelines and got annoyed and never made any money out of them any way, and most writers who do did it through cheating by faking 5 star reviews, and i dont really want to go down that low.

so ive published my writings all over the net, 'cancer girl' short story about a girl suffering from blood cancer and finds her self a cure through true love. 'towards the limit of imagination' novella about a world going towards the limit of imagination and perfection. A day with the psychiatrist, about a human psychiatrist that deals with supernatural creatures emotionally and psychologically as well as him self in the real world. these are my best three stories, i have published these stories else where, in jhottify, short fiction, short story lovers and wattpad.

I dont know what i want from my writing, but if i die and they become something then i will be happy or my soul will. One more thing i once expeirenced cancer girl getting plagerised twice by a girl on wattpad, but i fought through it and won, if any one here expeirences such thing, come to me and ill help because i know how it feels
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