i've been trying to keep up with school a lot recently, so my updates have been all over the place (sorry). but i'm currently working on something that some of you may like ;)
          	also thank you for 100 followers, you guys are amazing. 


It’s fine! Focus on school and work hard so you can get good grades! I know it’s hard as an author but we’ll all be there for you and we understand :3
          	  I sound like a total creep holy fûCk-


Hello, sorry for disturbing
          Can I translate "Changlix Text" in italian?
          {With credits}


I hope you can update again!! Take your time and everything!! I hope you are also okay. <3


Hey, I love your book! Maybe you wanna check mine out? You don’t gotta tho lol I’m just here to say your book is top notch shittt and I love it and you’re the best and congrats for all the milestones that book has hit 


here to give you love!! i love you so so much!! ahh, you're so talented and beautiful!! i love you!! stay healthy, and rest well!! ♥️♥️♥️