Chapter two of “The Indigo Effect” is coming in next week you guys!


Hey there!!! Please update Indigo Effect!! I read My Online Love and  I just really want to know what happens next! 
          Ik u had ur reasons but I Wish you hadn’t taken it down >.<


          I have completely taken the liberty to completely write again “My online love” but with many new twists and characters! It is called The Indigo Effect and the first chapter is out today! Go read it? Yes? Maybe? 


For the last week or so, I have been driven insane due to the fact I couldn't remember the name to an awesome book that I fell in love with last year. It was about a girl and boy who fall in love over the internet and she eventually flies out to meet him in a different country. I looked and looked just to find the name and it wouldn't come up anywhere. I ended up looking through every story I have ever voted on and finally came across the book. Turns out those books were taken down  I'm cry


So some of you are going to hate me for this, but I've unpublished all of my books!
          I don't know if or when they will be back on. I'm trying to work on new material and hopefully get back a bit of that writer's buzz I've lost over the years.
          I want to thank all of you for the immense success "My Online Love" has had. I started writing this book when I was 14 and now I am currently 19 years old. People change and so must I! As much as I had fun writing that book back in the day, it pains me to say it's not really one of my favorites and I know I can do better than that. 
          Hope you guys understand!


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Awww this book was the shit!!! It always made me smile when I was sad!!! & the burn the night away omg I fell in love instantly with the song!!! I hope you decide to publish it again but I respect your decision! & thanks for introducing me this amazing love story! The best of the best!!! 


@Hooplah545 Burn the night away (:


@secondxhand_smoke do you happen to remember the song you used in the first book of "My online love" that Hunter sang to Amber? It's killing me that I can't remember it, thank you!