Hey guys! I from time to time stream Writing while Playing games! Kindly check my page! Thank you!


@scythus died form COVID-19 did you


@scythus hi could you check out my book the chronicles. I would love to hear your review 


And also paganda ng paganda yung nangyayare !! My ghawd and also may 9 to 12 volumes whoo hoo !!! 
          Excited na ako sa suaunod na kaganapan ..


I love NLO huhuhu, I can't wait for the next happenings .. may tanong Lang ako bakit po di na separated Yung mga volumes Ng book ? Dati naman Po separated naman tenk u haha ..


Just popped by to say this.
          I remember when I first found NLO back in 2015. You weren't even half way done with book one. I remember spending many nights waiting for updates and feeling so excited every time one came out. I'll never forget how much time I had to spend to understand your English at the time. I ended up unable to read your books after #2 was finished. And now I come back too see more than 9 volumes are done. Your English is impeccable and stories even better.
          Just wanted to say how much your story's mean to me, and how I loved watching them grow. And after reading them all. I can only say I can't wait for even more!