I'm obsessed with paranormal romance especially vampires!

Writing is something I'm pretty new too, so yeah!

I'm Indian.

I love paramore, versaemerge, all time low, and Microbes!

My favorite color is Black!

I love reading stories about werewolves and vampires with romance involved.

Plz read my stories.
Thank you :D

Books I like:
1. Twilight series
2. Harry Potter series
3. The Hunger games series
4. Dead beautiful
5. After obessession
5. Series of Unfortunate events
6. Ranger's apprentice
7.Tale of Desperaux
8. Wither Series
9. Gemma doyle series

Things I <3:
1. The color black
2. vampires
3. werewolves
4. 2 and 3 with romance!
5. algebra (i know nerd).
6. science olympiad!
7. reading
8. writing
9. my laptop
10. my phone (samsung captivate)
11. hanging out with my besties
12. downton abbey
13. One direction
14.dance moms
15. downton abbey
16. microbes
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Featured work.

How i passed out twice on the first day of summer vacation

Social data: 10.1K reads. 150 votes. 21 comments.

Description: Joslyn thinks she has a great life. She has great friends and family, but has a secret. She has been obsessed with vampires for a while. As Joslyn gets ready for Summer vacation a surprising visitor comes a...


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List