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Simple Words

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Description: Has proved. Simply put it sounds like a lie. Every helper makes it sound so definite, as if there will never be another question about it, whatever it may be. I beg to differ. ***********************************************************************...


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Butterfly Net

Butterfly Net

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Butterfly. Winged creature to be captured nefariously.


You are very correct. There exists much more depth in it as we are forced into the designs of others in our paths.
      The second point. That is the reason. The experience needs severe enhancement by and through several avenues of many walks.
      ex, racers, engineers, designers, both within the totality of the environment intoward the smallest details of the vehicle extending to training and even beyond everything we know and trust.
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Surely grammar and syntax overlap each other in defining, but this particular problem seems to be far too widespread to entail a single cause.
      I believe it flows from errors in hearing and inflections of speech which add to miscommunicated imperfection. The lack of proper form in a staggered neglect throughout the entire educational system drives us backwards as we move along as a society.