Since being a boy, I've had a conflicting love for the fantastical and the scientific, which is probably why I ended up writing both fantasy and science-fiction.

When I was fifteen, my friend Gaetan introduced me to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and to the Dragonlance books. I was quickly drawn to the magic and the adventures. I started creating an imaginary world of my own, and much later (about 20 years to be exact), I started writing in that world, and others.

I've always loved the sense of wonder that comes from immersing myself into imaginary places where the mystical and impossible become reality.

Writing is my way of diving into such worlds and adventuring in their lands, often letting the characters lead the way. I write stories to explore, to adventure, to discover, to dream. I create characters and worlds to be amazed and awed.

I like combining elements from multiple genres, including epic/high fantasy, sword and sorcery, dark fantasy, horror, cosmic horror, mystery, suspense/thriller, science fiction (hard and soft), steampunk and dystopian fiction. I've also always enjoyed good versus evil type of stories, a love reflected into my own stories.

I invite you to join me on this crazy adventure that is my writing. There is nothing better than sharing stories with readers, so feel free to contact me anytime. I personally respond to every message I get. And who knows, I just might take your feedback and integrate it into my next story!
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