When will you update?
Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Beast might get a few in, but otherwise, I probably won't be updating till this summer. I'm leaving Marauder Moments as is. It's not a continuous chapter story, so I don't feel bad about not updating.

Why do you respond to some comments and not others?
All of your comments mean a lot to me, but I usually have trouble seeing them all because of how cluttered my news feed is. I eventually read them all, but don't like to respond to a comment that's more than a week old. If you have a question and want an answer, pm me. It may take a while, but I'll eventually answer.

"No one is totally perfect; but no one is totally imperfect either."--unknown

Obviously I like reading/writing :).
My spelling is horrible. I apologize if it offends you.
I love my flute. It's not her fault I mangle her music so much.
Wattpad is my 'I'm bored' site. Nothing I upload will be meticulously edited. There's a high chance that it won't even be good.

But maybe it will be good....Maybe....
Outside of essays I take lots of literary license with my writing, so don't be surprised to see fragments and runons. And sentences started with 'and' and 'but'.
I also have a fanfiction.net account (scarletnight72) so if you see my work over there don't freak out. :)

I LOVE getting comments. They make me feel like it was worth writing whatever it was I wrote. More comments usually lead to earlier updates (even if they're not on the particular story you want updated. Comments in general inspire me).

║██║♫ Music is my friend, and I love her dearly. Theatre is also my friend.
║(O)║ ♫

A wonderful day to all!!!
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scarletnight scarletnight Jun 14, 2013 07:37PM
@marauders4ever Unfortunately, that story is pretty much dead... Since it's not a traditional story, it's the only one I can abandon without feeling guilty...
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Beast ;)

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Description: harry potter fanfiction. Rika was born a werewolf. Her very existence is illegal. After fighting with the ministry, she ends up living with legal werewolf Reumus Lupin, who becomes a father figure towards her...


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