Hi. Name's Wisteria_Nightingale, but you probably already read that. I just wanna get this outta the way. Most comments I do, are late at night, I'm not really thinking straight, so I usually end up doing stupid sh**. 

I don't really wanna end it like that so I'm just gonna say a few facts about me:

•I'm a weird tall anime fan that loves to draw fan art, and coming up with ideas to write stories. Unfortunately I'm a procrastinator with the moto 'I'll burn that bridge when I get to it' so that doesn't help my productivity. Even if I do get around to writing the stories, it'll take a while before I update again.

-I like a lot of music, and love amv's more. I don't really mind Nightcore but you probably don't care. A couple of my favourite songs are these:

Why Worry, By: Set It Off

Play With Fire, By: Sam Tinnesz

in my miNd, By: Maty Noyes

Hope you like 'em too. :)

~ Still here? Wow,. Uhhh..... leeettttt'sss seeeeeee. I prefer Seme Male Reader in Yaoi fic's. It kinda really pisses me off being at the bottom. A couple writers who not only write S!M!R!:

@SeiyokuSeme, @The_Perverted_Writer and

And if you actually bothered to read to the end, I hope you have a good day. 😊
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