Hey here's a bit about me:
I'm Rosie. British and proud of it.
I love to write, draw, doodle, play keyboard- anything arty really, and playing football
I've not been writing for long so I'm experimenting at the moment.
If you like what I'm doing then please fan because that would be amazing.
I like writing fictional stuff mostly.... ✿

Your name is written in the sand
'Cause I remember every sunset
I remember every word you said
I don't ever wanna say goodbye
Singing ladadadada
Tell me how to get back to
Back to summer paradise with you....☀
Oh, and I also love history.
Have you ever noticed that it ends in the word story? That just shows you there's a big mystery behind it all...

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Is it true that 'The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas' was written in two and a half days? Whoa.

@WeAreSherlocked ; joint account with @MelodyPond

My fictional stories: To be free, The checkered flag, Compromise (coming soon :o)
Poems: Lyrical, One day
It gets better as it goes on, trust me!

My amazing profile picture is made by @DreamingOfFreedom .
She is exceptional at designing!
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To be free

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Description: Lucy and Jamie plan to escape the misery of their daily lives, but when they meet Kara a whole new adventure unfolds. What had he done? Why had he let her persuade him to let her come too? It’s amazing how many times she’d got the better of him. Fo...

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The Checkered Flag

The Checkered Flag

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No one is going to take this opportunity away from me. Ever. Finally the day has come for me to step up...

Contest: 60 Word story; The Pursuit.

Contest: 60 Word story; The Pursuit.

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Here is my entry for @Multijoys ' contest- 60 Word Story An Exercise in Writing! For more information go...



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This is what happens when I can't sleep at night. I just sit there and write what's on my mind. Most of...