Haaaai guys! We're two friends who are super duper close on Wattpad. No, we don't know each other in real life, but if we did - watch out. 

I'm Lola.
- Nicknamed Lo.
- Sixtannn.
- Blondie.
- British.
- the beach♥
- tan liness, bro.
- boys=heaven.

I'm Lizzie.
- Nicknamed Liz.
- Coke beats Pepsi.
- rock is whassup.
- it's jersey, bitch.
- lazy as fuck.
- broccli's got swag.
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    West Side, bro. ∞
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Description: Olivia. Savannah. Two completely different girls that have never talked to each other before in their lives yet are tied in the same story. How, you may ask. Well, the answer is simple. Jace. Their cheating b...