"Live your life to the fullest" is what so many so-called wise individuals mouth all the time, but life should be simply lived as "full" or "empty" is nothing but a perception. What's full to one could appear mundane and even dormant to another.  The same analogy can be applied to the financial markets, jackasses masquerading as investment advisors try to hand out sage advice to their client. A historical examination of these experts records will illustrate that monkeys with darts fared better when it comes down to stock picking. In other words, this sage advice is on par with rubbish. 
Mass psychology makes it easy to understand the main driving force behind our decision-making process. If you can understand this, it can be applied to the financial markets with stunning accuracy. If you understand how the markets operate then you have opened a venue that virtually guarantees your financial wellbeing.
There is a vast chasm that separates one's wants from one's needs and when you understand that most of the things you claim to think you need fall under the "wants" category, it becomes immensely easier to plan for the future. Market crashes should be viewed as buying opportunities for the masses panic and when they do, a buying opportunity is close at hand.
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