Not gunna say much other than i am a girl and gay. I took spanish for GCSE's. I'm gunna b in yr 10 after lockdown so if u see me comment in spanish, I'm not spanish. Im just showing off. 

My otps are:

Camren( Camila and Lauren)
Norminah (Normani and Dinah)
Allysus (Ally is Jesus)
Jori(Jade and Tori)
Jerrie (Perrie and Jade)
Lesy (Jesy and LeighAnne)
Leighade (LeighAnne and Jade)
Pesy (Jesy and Perrie)
Lerrie (LeighAnne and Perrie)
Jadesy (Jade and Jesy)
Cade (Cat and Jade (west))
Cori (Cat and Tori)

Dont know a lot of ships cos im an uneducated simpleton.

Currently at home crying cos I'm scared little mix are splitting.

I dont normally do these but u know, i hate bullies.

Dear bullies,
You know that boy you pushed over yesterday? He commited suicide. You know that girl you called fat? She's starving herself. You know that boy you made fun of for crying? His mum died. You know that pouch you stole from that guy? He's homeless. All those people you bullied or made fun off, you've ruined their lives in some way. Before you act, think. You never know how one word can ruin somebodies life. You never know what one word can push someone over the edge. So think before you say something.
  • heaven w Allysus. hell w Allysin
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Literally just spent 2 hours on the most awkward call ever. My friends thing there is something seriously wrong with me. I snapped at them this morning but it's a long story. So apparently there's so...
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