Now, you were probably wondering: Why the boogly oogly mother hoobly am i on this woman's page? My answer to that is...well, I don't know either but it had to be for a good reason; so hi! Welcome to my page. 

We don't have much here, maybe some pizza ( I ate most of it though ) a few puppies ( they're all mine though, don't touch them ) and uh, hm. That's pretty much it. Oh right! We have books! Go check mine out why don't cha 😉 #AlwaysPlug

Just a weirdo 14 year old Pisces ♓ living life. Nah, I don't have a life. Correction, just a 14 year old Pisces...sitting at home eating Pringles and getting fatter than she already is. Oh, and don't forget binge watching every single show available on Netflix.
#DrunkTreeOTP (it will live on) #TheNewFire - a movement for all those who are tired of downplaying our own values :) #greylivesmatter

I'm bored right now, and I'm pretty sure you are too. I mean, who wants to sit and read about a serial killer to be a.k.a me? Definitely not me. I like to read about people who are already serial killers. Cool, right?

don't call the police

Moving on. Uh, my birthday's on March 11th. I was born with 2 weirdos before me and one idiot after me. and if you're doing the math, ( just kidding, nobody does that ) then I have 3 obnoxious siblings who I have a love hate relationship with (mostly hate though)

Wow, are you gonna swipe right now?

Ha, I was making a joke about how this was starting to sound like a Tindr bio... No? Okay...

Bye for now! Please follow me, please. I mean, I'm already following you...

In real life

Under your bed is dirty

don't call the police
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sarcasm_since_birth sarcasm_since_birth Aug 16, 2019 08:37PM
So, uh, guys. I've just posted a new book. Would really appreciate if y'all read it and vote on it, if only to mortify my friend, thanks <3
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