Definitely not a writer! I'm just here to read!
Also I enjoy art so if you want me to try to make covers or fan art just ask and I'll do it.
- Sarah, 19
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sarbear6996 sarbear6996 Nov 20, 2011 03:46AM
@DarknessAndLight :) I'm glad to be your fan! I read 'I Sold..' and I enjoyed it so I fanned and I will be reading your others!
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Description: Ariel has suffered the pain of her family for years. The pain of abandonment from her dad and the pain of caring for her family. It seems that every time she becomes happy, something goes and ruins it. Her bes...


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Started with a "Hello"

Started with a "Hello"

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(a short story I wrote for my health class on domestic abuse) Nina was pulled into a relationship with E...

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