I like to read a lot in my own time so my reading lists on the profile is basically full. I find fan fictions and (Y/N) stories  most entertaining to read.

If you can see on my reading lists, I like to read:
AC (Assassin's Creed) (Mostly)
DMC (Devil May Cry)
DBH (Detroit Become Human)
(JJBA) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
And maybe any more
I have a list on my favorite stories I have read and a list on stories I need to read soon.

I wish to become a writer on Wattpad one day and make stories of my own but based to stories I write in my Creative Writing classes at school and possibly Fanfictions from what I read. Writers from Wattpad inspire me to write stories of my own like theirs but changing my stories completely because I don't like to copy people's creative work. I care for my own grammer when it comes to writing but not for anyone else's because it's their stories and their doing what works for them and I respect that. I also like to respect people's writing and believe that what their writing to amazing.
To be truthful, I am embarrassed to write things and show them in public viewing but hope to over come that and create either my own fanfiction stories or show my stoires and continue.
Fanction stories I plan/wish to create are:
AC (Assassin's Creed).
DBH (Detroit Become Human)
DMC (Devil May Cry)
(JJBA) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
And many more if I find anything new or am interested in them.

Stories I like to create are: (that are not fanfictions)
Relation to my life kind of stories
Realistic Fiction
(Possibly) Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)
Short Stories
Poetry (Very rare)

I also have an account on Quotev named sarahkkearns
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