Things to know about Sarah (I am on the left in the profile pic):
1. I love to write
2. I am an exceptional writer
3. I have a big ego
4. I love Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale (DUH!)
5. I love dogs
6. My fave subject in school is English (figures :P)
7. I love to dance
8. I watch WAY to many crime shows
9. The same crime shows (see number 8) help me write my stories (Heehees! Ik there is somethin wrong with me XP)
10. I wuv all my friends (Heehees! Don't we all? ;D)
11. I read "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre" and I love them both (sue me. they r good)
12. A lot of things in my life effect my writing
13. I am and extremely dedicated directioner
14. I love Love LOVE Louis Tomlinson!!!! (I call dibs!!) >:3

Things to know about Lissie (I am on the right in the profile pic.):
1. I love to read, a lot, and usually very quickly too
2. I also love to watch crime shows(i.e. Bones and Castle)
3. I play the violin, so i love music... a lot
4. I obviously like to write, but that doesn't mean i can spell (that's what spell check is for...)
5. I like architecture (see i can spell big words)
6. I can speak some German (Hallo! Wie geht's?)
7. Ich liebe zu singen (I love to sing)
8. I like math, sometimes
9. I can sew a little (when i say a little i mean like make a simple bag)
10. I HAVE A CLOAK peasants...
11. my brother is insane, with undiagnosed ADHD
12. We met over bubbles, cupcakes... and amazing homemade fudge (thx gma 4 the recepie)
13. Sarah is slowly converting me to directioner-fan-dom. (insert evil laugh from Sarah here)

Why you really should like us:
1. We are totally awesome
2. Our stories have amazing plot twists no one (not even us) saw coming
3. You just should

More things about us:
1. we really love all the support that we get from our fans!!! We heart <3 you all!!!
2. We love reading comments on our stories so keep it up!!
3. Our goal for Surviving the System is to get 2,000 reads
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sarabear2468 sarabear2468 Jul 23, 2013 02:23PM
Just started working on chapter 11 of Surviving theSystem!! Sorry for the gap, there was a bit of confusion between me and Lissie, and I have been gone for half the summer. But I won't make u wait mu...
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