Asslamualikum Everyone..
Okay...So that's really hard writing a bio seriously.
I don't know, I mean yes... I'm a very sweet and a very bad tempered person at the same time.
( If that's even possible)

You can call me psychotic nerd with serious mental issues bcz if I start reading a book I have to finish it no matter what..from ignoring all the house chores and
studies to staying awake at night with red eyes under my blanket😂😂..( I know that title was worth it).

Okay now apart from that psychotic part, I'm a very shy girl, Socially awkward, practicing no striving muslimah would be better,a talkative girl but sometimes it's like my mouth is sewed, no word even smile comes out making me an intimidator or rather dead.

That child who gets lectures to eat food😏

Oh and let me tell you,I once had a huge crush on Theo James..😳But not anymore..😊

One thing more..before reading a book here on wattpad I first of all go through media infact I'm more interested in media than the story.(weird I know.*_*)

Badminton player (:

Besides English, I am totally obsessed with Urdu novels.❤
Nimra Ahmed💞

A girl who tries her best to follow Allah's command but this satan is so damnnn diabolical..He knows all our weaknesses but still I try to keep my faith strong.

And let me tell you one secret , Amongst all, Quran is the bestest book of an author so magnificent..Try to explore it and it will always leave you awestruck.

A girl who aspires to be a doctor/surgeon since her childhood.
P.S: My handwriting says I was born a doctor.😐

Don't forget all the Muslims of Myanmar, Palestine,Syria,Kashmir and many more in your prayers.
They seriously need our prayers..😢

P.S : This bio definitely proves how talkitive I am..*smiles sheepishly*
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