STING goes on sale in  just a few weeks. I'll be posting the first two chapters here today. In the mean time, if you've pre-ordered, you can enter to win signed bookplates from my publisher, Grand Central Publishing!


Is this real!!, am one of ur biggest fans in the world I never thought Il be so lucky for a coincidence like this. Just randomly seeing Sandra Brown on watt pad. Today is a very lucky day for me. am so grateful.
          P. S my favorite novels are the unspeakables and treasure worth seeking,i read them three years ago when I was in sec.sch


I just love the way you writing and I hope writing like you do, in my own language... Someday!
          MD Gugik 


Ohmygosh!!!!!!!! Ive already read almost your books! I had your books! Im so glad that you're here in wattpad! Gosh! Love you!

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