STING goes on sale in  just a few weeks. I'll be posting the first two chapters here today. In the mean time, if you've pre-ordered, you can enter to win signed bookplates from my publisher, Grand Central Publishing!


I've just found your account & follow it. I really really like your novels. I always check on yours when I go to the book store.
          I saw that your last activity here was last year. You don't use this account anymore? Or you were busy so you don't have time for now? 
          Please cone back here when you have time. You have many fans & followers who are waiting for you here in Wattpad. ^_^


Is this real!!, am one of ur biggest fans in the world I never thought Il be so lucky for a coincidence like this. Just randomly seeing Sandra Brown on watt pad. Today is a very lucky day for me. am so grateful.
          P. S my favorite novels are the unspeakables and treasure worth seeking,i read them three years ago when I was in sec.sch


I just love the way you writing and I hope writing like you do, in my own language... Someday!
          MD Gugik 


Ohmygosh!!!!!!!! Ive already read almost your books! I had your books! Im so glad that you're here in wattpad! Gosh! Love you!

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