All you need to know about me that i am a carefree girl so no matter what you put in your comments i wont take it personally so plz feel free to comment watever you want! 
I write to take my mind of things so if you dnt like my books plz bear with me.
I luv reading books a lot..
I am giving writing a shot coz some1 very special to me told me to and in her memory i want to follow her advise so m sorry if i disappoint you!!
If you do like my writing dnt forget to fan or comment. comment even if u dnt like my writing so i can know.
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sandra16 sandra16 Sep 16, 2012 01:50AM
@SandraCorton hey ya i did njoy it! :D i m constantly searching new books to read coz i finish these books in like a day or two n so reading ur book was nt a prob bt an honour!
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Who knew.......

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