A few facts about me ..... 

1. My name is Gabrielle
2. I'm a girl :D
3. I have brown hair and blue eyes.
4.I'm always smiling
5.My first language is French
6. I love Classical music
7. I ALWAYS have a book with me
8. My favorite color is purple
9. I'm a dress kinda girl :P
10.My fav book series of all time is Pendragon by D.J MacHale
11 Theatre is a big part of my life

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Samtheg-Wattpad/249082748480756?sk=wall

That's all i can think of saying...hope you like my stories and tell me what you think! =)

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The Secret

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Description: Freya has a secret and she's been living with this darkness inside of her for the past year. Freya has isolated herself from others to keep them safe. She's all alone until someone warns her of the danger coming after her. Now she'll have to confron...

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The Tortured Artist

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My four pups and I (Werewolf story)

My four pups and I (Werewolf story)

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Book 1 of the Werewolf Prophecies

Short stories

Short stories

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Hey everyone! I posted a new werewolf story called The Secret, please check it out and let me know what you think :)
cazzagirl posted a message to samtheg
Hey Gabrielle I really love "MY FOUR PUPS AND I". I notice its been a while since you have updated your work. are you ok? I would love to follow the story to the end. I see 31,407 people have read it and that shows how interesting it is. Please if you are able can you continue? You have a great gift don't stop PLEASE!!!!