So i had this very awesome 'About Me' written but it didn't save which makes me very sad. So I am just going to state a few things you should know about me.

Name: Samantha :)
- Four quarters are better than a hundred pennies
- Purple is the awesomest color ever. Case closed
- I often refer to my close friends - guy or girl by rude and degrading terms but that is okay because they refer to me as the same thing! Do not judge we are awesome :)
- I am horrible with names i call my cousins by at least 3 names before i get the correct one so i just use the terms; Person if i do not know you - Babe, Love, Gorgeous or other endearing terms if i know you well enough to know i am not hitting on you.
- I am a Junior at a high school in Michigan but hopefully i will be a citizen of Boston or New York within the next 5-6 years
-Ice cream is a major food group to me more important than water, freeze pops and slurpees more specifically i eat them in the summer, winter, fall and spring :)
- I prefer to read rather than right and i am a completely horrible writer but i do have good ideas so if you would like some story ideas i will gladly give you some.
- I am single but that is okay because i flirt naturally which would be bad if i had a boyfriend
- I am a very picky reader and i think i have read every book that i find interesting so far on Wattpad but hopefully its because im not looking hard enough because i love this website.
- I adapt the motto 'nigga idgaf' for my life (i do not mean to offend anybody by my choice of words)
- I am very opinionated and tend to end an argument with 'because im right'

Well that's enough about me, and if you got down to this part i am completely and utterly surprised because this is like a mini rant about yours truly.

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