I like writing fan fiction primarily, but I hope to have some original stuff on here someday too. I'll mostly be writing for Resident Evil and hopefully Supernatural, once I come up with a good story to put those characters into. In the meantime, I'm gonna look for some authors to get into.

I'll also be posting horror stories on here - ones that I hope will genuinely scare my readers. Please check out my first story, Noble Town. It's based off of a Creepypasta, and I put a lot of love into it for all you guys! :3
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saintsentiment saintsentiment Jul 04, 2012 07:38AM
@Craizypraizy Lol you're welcome. :3
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Noble Town

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Description: A bizarre string of child suicides spur the curiosity of two adult siblings. When it is discovered an old Game Boy game might be at fault, they decide to investigate. But little do they know, the Town loves it...


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