The baby sister of Tony Stark love interest to Matt Murdock doesn't get along with Pepper Potts worked along side Derek Shepard raced the delorean with Marty McFly has had tea with Harry Potter fought against the dark side with Luke Skywalker has a key to the Bat cave out riddled Edward Nygma faster then Wally West smoked in Eric Foremans basement solved mysteries with Scooby and the gang has had detention with the Breakfast Club had a one night stand with Marquis de Lafayette fought pirates with Peter Pan sold papes with Davey Jacobs time traveled with the Doctor brought the dead back to life with Enoch O'Connor killed demons with Sam and Dean Winchester painted easter eggs with Bunnymund beat Gambit at poker performed with P. T. Barnum fought in the revolution with Alexander Hamilton and is best friends with Jerome Valeska
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