I just uploaded the entire story of Shotgun Groom (Nebraska Series: Book 6). Here's the link:  :)   Let me know if there are any problems getting to the story.


Hi Ruth i like your books and i love them all. I notice that you remove this book:
          -An unlikely place for love 
          (Virginia series book 1)-
 reading it actually and i like the story. I’d really appreciate if you can continue this one if you have time i hope you can continue to finish the story here..thanks much for sharing your stories..


I just finished reading an inconvenient marriage and I just wanted to tell you I loved it. In it, you mentioned some of your other characters and I wanted to ask you that aside from the Nebraska series, do the other books have like An inconvenient marriage have an order they have to be read?


I love ur books....I'm tempted to read d new book now but I'm writing pray I dont pick ur book over my school u and more grace to frm turkey