I am a young 18 year old writer that may or may not have billions of story ideas that I may or may not get too. I may not be that good at writing stories, I may not even finish my stories, but I want people to enjoy what they read. 

I will note something else so I don't get asked about this. Most my stories are based off of dreams that I have. My dreams have, and always will, inspire me to write more.

For anime related things, follow my instagram: ruok.exe

Stories To Look Forward Too:
-The Girl Who Lives in Two Worlds (Possible Series)
-Circus Freaks (BoyxBoy) - Debating name
-In the Mind of... (Series)
-Goddess of the Swords
-The Only Human in a Magic World (Possibly two books/Two parts within the book?)
-Battling an Enchantress
-The Dimensional World - Debating name (Fantasy/Romance)
-Red Strings (Romance)
-Life as a Teenage Murderer (Romance?)
-The Witch of Death (bxb)
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Story by Jayd
Is It Bad That I Enjoy This? by ruok_exe
Is It Bad That I Enjoy This?
Warning: This book will and may contain bdsm, non consensual, mental and physical abuse, and more. If you are...