Heyy there. 
x. I'm just a girl who loves to write and read. I second guess myself all the time, I worry about insignificant things and I fangirl/blabber a lot. I am kind of an idiot.
x. Most of the stuff I write is garbage so I have a ton of crap on my computer. Whatever I do have posted is something I feel ... relatively statisfied with. :)
x. But there's always room for improvement with me so PLEASE comment and tell me what you think! It would mean the world! :)
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runawaysmile runawaysmile Dec 29, 2012 04:48AM
@KasideeAliciaWest aaaawwh thank you love! It really means a lot to me :3 xx
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Description: Darcy's new foster brother Aidan is cold, passive and seems to hate her existence. But sometimes, Darcy feels like he's the only person who understands her... Mix in some crazy friends, an arch enemy and a few...


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