Okay so let's see . . . 

My name is Roxy, i'm ninteen and my pass time . . . sarcastic comments most likely, my friends all try to kill me because i seem to insult them somehow : / They laugh after they realize i'm just experimenting


I love the yaoi parings especially sasunaru, though the Drarry parings are cool too.

i love anime, and music, writing (obviously) and drawing. Chocolate, Mountain Dew, Pepsi Max and this amazing Japanese restaurant Wagamama. (So thrilled to get a recipe book from there for Christmas from my sister)

Most of my stuff will end up being fanfiction, probably Naruto, or Harry Potter since they're my two favorites, but Kuroshisuji as well and probably a bunch more anime <3

I've only just realized most of my stories involve a red head . . . weird, i think it may have some slight link to me being a red head but whatever :D (Naturally red anyway - it's there somewhere under all the dye)

If one of my characters are hyperactive then you know it's based on me :3 i only need to look at sugar and i'm through the roof. i try to avoid writing at those times though, it's slightly dangerous.

Any questions or anything you wanna ask, don't feel scared to message me, private or not i don't mind <3
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roxyblack roxyblack Mar 13, 2013 11:34AM
sorry guys about taking sooo long to update but i finally got my own internet and shizz so i will be updating like curazzzyyyyyy :)
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