░█▀█▀▀█▀█░ ☁☁☁Welcome home my kittens ☁☁☁
( =’o'= )<(^.^)>(>’.’<)
This was me in 2012 , I love my silliness down here(most from 2010)
(Grade 12 age[sixteen now]-love soccer- have "chinky eyes, fair and black hair straight hair"
I hate having short legs(they are not that short but are short for an athlete) but i am very fast and have endurance (proud of that: wow i sound like a snob nooo i am not) ლ(-_-ლ)
I eat a lot of chicken(just kidding, i eat it more than anything else) and i love anything Japanese!
I like to go out with friends & try out new cafes&restros, stuff new food in my mouth but I am cursed with a small stomach so I can't eat more than 2 slices of pizza ever
I like walking/running, dreaming, camping, mountain climbing anything SPONTANEOUS but I am shy can't talk+flirt (ˆ◡ˆ)
I Love BIO , PSYCHO and LIT. singing ((((|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|)))) MUSIC ღ
novels,stories (poems ) are wat keeps me alive-breathing and also bring life to me.)

"[a secret- i am homophobic]" SO INCORRECT I LOVE 'LOVE'!!, guess I JUST DISLIKED YAOI because it showed um a bit adult mature romance which I WASN'T READY at the delicate age of hmm idk 12 don't read what comes next because it's not valid anymore (i mean i don't discriminate them- i just stay away from the details and avoid painstakingly details~ you all might think i am narrow minded and everything, also i am unsure if i should even tell you guys that- hmm if it bothers anyone tell me tell me!)
i discovered i like dark and small place it feels safe- so i am opposite of claustrophobic- maybe clautro`philiac [!! new word yay]

A BAND-AID for your booboo ( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ ) [wow look at me all nursing]


<:3 )~~~~
look a mouse *tackles* I can't entertain you peeps any longer as you can see I have a *cough* delicious chore to do- you will hear from me soon or sooner if you just message me!✉!
٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶
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