Hi whoevers stumbled on my profile :)
Nice to meet you
Im rockangel (I aint gonna tell you my real name sowee)
Random things about me:
I love reading (duh)
Im not a goth/emo or whatever you can perceive from my dp and username im acually quite a happy person:D see....
I love a good action movie
I'll read romantic books but wont watch romanctic films (they're way too awkward for me)
I love ice cream and will eat it anytime in any weather condition which considering where I live its generally not the right weather for it but meh I like living life to the full
I LOVE prison break- my all time fav show:D
I love michael!! *sigh*
I can be sarcastic at times (most times:l)
And I also love basketball and kickboxing!
What I hate most: MONDAYS!!!! (Doesn't everyone?)
Well that's about it cyaaa
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    Feb 04, 2012 01:22PM

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Description: The best books on wattpad (in my opinion) that are worth reading. While most of them are romantic in nature, they won't be the main focus for quite a few of them.


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