The multi-media artist known on the inter-net known as roballen 2
My father has files and files of stories, some serious, some strange,and some very funny. (Or at least to him)
"The Simple Truth" filed under, "Truth & Answers" - I found a file dated May, 2011, (Shortly before my father died) It appears this is a FINIAL VERSION. Strange and unsettling he should have considered something "he worked on forever" done...under a month before he died. But It is the only version that states this-"Finally Finished".

All his former social sites have been deactivated. (Except, "You Tube" search=roballen2 and this one.)

Run his old TAG, roballen2 in the primary searchbox on your tool bar. I still find many entries under this TAG. (and=allentheartist)
It seems like the ghost of old ideas dies slow in cyber space.

For Now I will Post them as I see Fit. I will rate them accordingly.
Check out my site also. Lil.
“NOW” (R.Allen)

Yesterday is a memory.
Tomorrow is a Dream.
All you and I know for certain is, NOW!

You want the confirmation of your senses?
Think of them now. The ones you KNOW of.
You been deceived by every one of them at one time or another.

Do you believe in the reality of your current existence?
All you can really be sure of is you are a sentient being,
Possibly and almost probably dreaming up your whole life.
Past, present, and future.

Or Maybe I am.

I created you a thinking being.
And all you can be truly certain of is you think NOW!

Admit to yourself, I directed these thoughts you have, NOW.
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"The Turtle That Used to be a Boy" --- Happy Ending!!! (R.Allen)

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Description: Rotten spoiled kid with no respect for life learns a, "Magic" lesson. Everyone is happy in this very weird ending.


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