Hello everyone! 
I'm just your average 19 years old girl who loves reading and enjoys writing. I have a serious problem of updating regularly since I have been depressed before and it still affects me.

Below is some things that you may want to know about me

I'm from Finland
I'm addicted to chocolate <3
I have an adorable three years old Bichon Frisé called Mindy <3 <3 <3
My dog can be a real devil sometimes, but I still adore her <3 <3
I like to be happy, but my family is quite depressing
School has gone a lot better now for me
I have some awesome friends, but somehow I just spend most of my time in my room, staring at the computers screen or tv
Everyone knows that I'm lazy
I cry when I watch movies and dramas, I always do. I'm just really sensitive
I like games. My favorites are Alice: Madness Returns and Kingdom Hearts. Those games are just absolutely my favorites.
I have horror games, but I just can't play them alone.
I'm obsessed with zombies.. I always have nightmares of them :c
I don't understand homophobes. I just can't
I support gay people fully
Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm bi-sexual. I don't know
I have an obsession of long hair. Don't ask
My favorite colors are black and blue :3
I often go to gigs because they're just AWESOME

Aaaah... what to say, music is beautiful.. <3
I like Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping with Sirens, Never Shout Never and a lot more. I also listen to j-rock and some k-pop

Reading is something I really enjoy and writing is something I do when I feel the need to express myself. And it's fun. Too bad that I don't write as often as I would want to...

Lots of things have happened during the time I haven't been updating but I should be able to continue writing regularly.
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rjoosan commented on Homeless - Orion

They are such an adorable pair. The atmosphere in this story is such an unique one that I really love. This story and those two cuties melt my heart over and over again..  <3

@Luuubae What I meant is that yes he said something that seems to be racist, but to me it didn't seem that he meant it in a racist way. It's a matter of understanding the concept on the text. I think a lot of people understood what he said in a negative way, but that might not be how he meant it. 
      It does sound a bit of silly for someone to say that they are proud to be white, but is it really wrong? Latins and everyone else can say that they are proud to me a latin and etc because that's part of who they are and it's great, really. But for white people it's wrong? It sounds silly for someone to say that but reaaaally is it something to start hating this guy against? 
      It's the same with every minority and majority thing. Everybody can be proud to be a part of whatever group they are be it from majority or minority group as long as they don't mean it in a racist way. That's a part of who they are, though to me it does seem a bit silly for someone in majority group to try prove how they are proud of themselves but I think that's fine. 
      I may be a hard to understand, but that's me generally. Everything that I said might sound silly or stupid and I'm sorry if me feeling a bit sorry for this person offended some people. I just don't understand the reason for it.

Umm... Why does it seem like you all are ganging up on this person? From what I read, it didn't seem like he was saying something that would deserve such a hatred against. He only said that he's proud to be white and maybe he meant it in a way that he's proud to be white because that's who he is, not because of the privileges that it gives. 
      He said that he's gay and understands about those kind of things because of it, not because all of that bad stuff has happened to him too and he's oh so miserable. 
      It seems like you guys are making negative assumptions about him and twisting his words so that you could go against him. You don't even probably know him, do you? 
      I understand everything that Hec and you all said but I just don't feel like this one guy deserves all the hate that you guys direct at him. I just feel like he was misunderstood. 
      I personally do think that people shouldn't judge others because they are from a minority group but please don't do it the other way either. 
      Even white people can have a hard life even when they are given privileges because they are white. They could suffer in their personal life just like anyone else. 
      After saying all this, I do not approve those kind of white people or any people of any minority group that think they are all that great but I just don't feel like this guy was giving me that kind of an impression. 
      I do understand all the stuff you said Hec and totally agree on it. I just couldn't by stand everyone attacking this one person because of what might have been a misunderstanding.