Hi :) I'm Tia

First Things First - Things I Will and Will Not Do on Wattpad: #1. I have a life outside of Wattpad. More specifically, I have a life that involves two young children and they come first before ANYTHING else. So do not be offended if I do no start reading your story immediately after I said I would, or if I do not respond to a comment or message right away. #2. I will glady partake in a read for read, but will NOT partake in a vote for vote. That's lame. #3. I love anime/manga, but if the cover of a story is of anime paraphernalia, I will not read it. #4. I will always give honest feed back. And if your work needs improvement, I will let you know. #5. I will vote for a story if, and only if, I truly like it. #6. I will NEVER write a fanfic. They are super annoying. #7. I absolutely refuse to read a story that labels a character as emo. If they're emo, fine, whatever . But there are other ways to explain that other than just saying "so and so is an emo boy/girl..blah blah blah." Figure it out. Plus emo kids can get annoying. Sorry if you're offended.

Things About Me That I Feel Like Sharing :) :

I love reading and I love to write (obviously)
I have two children: a beautiful daughter who will be 2 in August, and 7 month old son. Their names are Mikaiah and Talon and they are the most amazing aspects of my life :)
I love to dance.
I like pickles. They're yummy.
I don't like people touching my feet >:(
I'm really laid back and love to meet new people.
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are bomb. Especially with tomato soup.
I love me some rock music...and rap music...and anything I can shake my fanny too lol
I'm a super nerd at heart and a sucker for romance.

Let's be friends :)
K Byeeeeeeee!!!!!
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riotXdancer riotXdancer Jul 22, 2012 05:31AM
Hey everyone! Chapter Seventeen of Pretences is up!! So if you haven't checked it out you totally shoulllllllld. Like now :) 
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