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Landlock and a Skeleton Key

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Description: Story cover by Kirjava at TDA Lyza was born on the sea, raised on the sea. She is the only respected female pirate of her time as well as the only female known to captain her own ship. She is also known as the Skeleton Key, one who can open any tra...

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Barbaros Rising

Barbaros Rising

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Story cover by viridis.albus.aurum at TDA Synopsis coming soon!!

Sweet, Sweet Child

Sweet, Sweet Child

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Poetry & Lyrics

Poetry & Lyrics

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Step into my methodolical mind and see if you can decipher my thoughts, emotions and feelings. Can you r...

Thoughts of a Broken Soul

Thoughts of a Broken Soul

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I know you have all been patiently, or probably impatiently, awaiting an update on my works. I promise, there will be updates soon, life has just gotten in the way. I am currently working on Chapter Three of Landlock and a Skeleton Key. The title will more than likely be changed and I'm going to have a new cover made. Please continue to wait. I'll have the new chapter up for you soon.
Chapter One of Barbaros Rising has just been updated from the first edit and revision session.