Hi Guys,

I'm Ricky Compton, a student and part-time casual writer.

I've been writing pretty much as long as I can remember and I write various forms of fiction, non-fiction and poetic pieces. My main project at the moment is a novel entitled 'Brothers of Legend', the first few chapters of which I intend to put up on Wattpad over the coming months.

I shall also be uploading some other short stories and perhaps even working on some specific Wattpad side projects for people to enjoy.

A 9-5 job may mess with my upload rate but hoping to get chapters out wherever possible.

I appreciate all feedback and look forward to hearing from each of you who take the time to read my work, I greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Ricky :)
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Stories by Ricky Compton
The Lycan by rickycompton
The Lycan Werewolf
I am not one for long introductions, so I'll keep this short. My name is Veridicus Gibbson. I lived a quiet life in a humble village and yadda yadda yadda. To cut a twenty year story short, three months ago my life...
Brothers of Legend by rickycompton
Brothers of Legend Action
“THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS REALITY. JUST A HUMAN’S NARROW MINDED PERCEPTION” The Secret Region Detectives Agency has served to protect people across the country for two generations. When General Raymond Crain entrus...