As CEO of AIC, Richard Iamunno has a lot of experience and knowledge in the following areas:
Advising businesses on how to use blockchain technology, banking, capital formation, and active tier 1 cryptocurrency trading.

Helping people and businesses figure out how to do business with digital assets & expanding the number of companies that can sponsor college sports, especially those that use crypto. Richard Iamunno is passionate about helping people and businesses navigate the exciting new world of cryptocurrency and use it to make a difference. Iamunno is excited about the new things that can happen when you invest in digital assets. His areas of expertise are mergers and acquisitions, investments, and getting money for businesses to grow.

At AIC, under the leadership of Richard Iamunno, there have been a lot of important things that have happened, like:
Service: AIC teamed up with Delchain, a full-service financial firm, and digital asset provider, to give colleges and universities a quick way to get funds that are based on digital currencies. To help educational institutions, AIC and Delchain help sponsors get the guidance, safety, and security they need to help fill in the gaps for them

AIC worked with Monaco Marina Management Company (M3) to get into the luxury yachting business in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This partnership made it easier for people to use crypto in the yachting industry (M3). Together, they give yacht brokers and marina owners a way to accept digital currencies that is legal in their field.
  • Boca Raton, FL, USA
  • JoinedApril 26, 2022