I've realized that I'm actually a gay boy who likes boys deep inside, I wanted to have kids so that's probably why I was given a woman's body.

I exist for the sole purpose of fangirling over boys...x boys.

My interests range from vanilla to hardcore shit. I'm pretty flexible. I usually love small build ups though, I hate fast paced stories. I like to live in the moment, cherish a single day. I love authors who are very detailed but at the same time talk about things that matters only.

The only thing I can't handle in a story is deliberate cheating. I drop those stories down faster than my classes. No one deserves to be cheated on. Surprisingly I can take violence better than cheating, and mind you I hate violence. That's how intense my detestation, loathing, hatred for cheating is.

21. Yes. I'm fucking old. But I still feel like 16 or something.

Otaku af.

I don't bite unless you want me to.

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