Hello my name is Becca and I thought I would put something's about my self.

Okay there is this group called the straight no chasers they are awesome and funny

Favorite color: RED

Favorite song : Undecided as for now.

Favorite words: epic and awestruck

Time well wasted: sitting in my room on my laptop and ipod

Hobbies: Music, reading, sports and theater.

I can beatbox, sing, play guitar, drums, piano, tuba and other instruments.
The power rangers are one of my fave childhood tv shows. Red and Black are my favorite rangers.

I enjoy video games and games in general.

I am hoping that most of you reading this are major GOT fans if you are not I suggest you try out the show, and read the books, though I am not at that stage yet.

Well yup that's it if you have any questions feel free to ask them.
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redranger redranger Jul 03, 2013 10:49PM
Got the name of the story it's Addicted to meth. You should all check. It out. Also look for Love is blind by xxBlondie99xx
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