One for sorrow 
Two for mirth
Three for a wedding
Four for a birth
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for secrets never to be told
Eight for a kiss
Nine for a wish
and Ten for a bird you must not miss

' We need fantasy, not to escape but to survive in the reality '

'Books are proof that humans are capable of magic '

' people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel '


.._.-.__________ __________,
..../ '---___________---- _____|]
.../_==o;;;;;;;;__ _____.:/
...), ---.(_(__) /
..// (..) ), ----
//___// Put this gun on your page if you'd jump in front of a bullet for the ones you love.

That boy you punched today he just committed suicide
that girl you called a slut today she's a virgin
that boy you called lame he has to work every night to help out his family
that girl you pushed down she's already abused at home
that girl you called fat she's starving herself
that man you made fun of for having scars he fought for our country
that boy you made fun of for crying his mom is dying
If your against bullying share this I bet 99% of you wont but 1% will

~~If you have ever thought about or attempted suicide, felt alone, been depressed, self harmed, hated your body, or hated yourself. Put this in your bio and we can see how many of us there are~

ǝƃɐd ɹnoʎ oʇuo sIɥʇ ʎdoɔ 'sʎɐs sIɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ ʇno
ǝɹnƃIɟ oʇ ɥƃnouǝ ʇɹɐɯs ǝɹnoʎ ɟI

I'm not clumsy
It's just that...
The tables and chairs are bullies
And gravitys a jerk
And walls are ALWAYS in the way

So if after all that you still decide to from a friendship

Feel free let's roleplay or talk- I may be awkward after all we all are

I'm a crazy plant lady signing off to read some books- till next time weirdos
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realawsomeliz realawsomeliz Sep 11, 2018 11:29PM
Just gonna tell y'all that I'm in one of the states that florance is supposed to hit. I'll be fine. It's just if my power and stuff go out I may or may not be on. But I'll be here till then~ yay
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