So here's the about me part. 
I've had tons of other wattpad accounts but to be honest this one has the least crap in it.
I love reading (that one's obvious since I'm here), and I also love drawing.
I'm in high school and I live in Romania.
My favorite color is black (no, I'm not depressed... I think) and I love rock music.
My favorite bands ever are Bring Me The Horizon and Fall Out Boy. Black Veil Brides is close after, and if you don't know who they are, just google Andy Biersack (vocalist) 'cause then you'll never forget them.
Some of my goals in life are:
• go to every festival and concert I can
• live life to the fullest, no worries for the rest of my days (hakuna matata)
• eat all the ice cream
I always start writing books which I don't finish 'cause I think they're boring, but deep down I know that there may be someone who would like to read them.
I like all kinds of stories, but i'm really into Young Adult Novels and the Teen Fiction section of Wattpad.
I want to make quality content so if you read one of my stories, please vote, follow, leave a comment, because I really appreciate that. (altho i'm too scared to post anything yet lel)
Also, constructive criticism. My page is no page to be rude on, m'kay? So you better have manners or this ain't the place for you.
That being said, much love and read on :*
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