So I'm not really a writer but I'm giving it a shot....Please read,vote,comment and fan (I will fan you back!) Feel free to tell me what you think. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm 80% sure I'll talk back...It depends what side I got out of my bed that morning - I sound like a bitch, but in all honesty I'm pretty nice, you can ask around;)

"That's how I roll!"(roll) <btw that makes the best emoticon/smiley thing ever @MaBestosElla (AKA-EMILY)

-Things about me-
~ I'm from the UK! (and no I don't have a "British" accent because there is no such thing!)
~ I really want to visit America and Australia
~ I do some singing
~ I'm scared of heights but someday I want to skydive (don't ask why?)
~ I start my stories in a notebook before going near the computer
~ My favorite singer is Ed Sheeran and my favorite band are either OneRepublic or The Cab.
~ I have a bucket list! (64 and counting!)
~ I can't play any instruments but I would LOVE to learn how to play acoustic guitar
~ I'm obsessed with haribos and honestly I could live off them.. If they had zero calories which i'm SURE they don't :( oh well...
~ This is gonna sound really weird but my perfect kinda guy (personality wise) would be a mix between Russell Howard, and Ed Sheeran< Yeah I have a strange guy taste! (and that would be weird if it WAS a mix of their looks...a black ginger with a squint eye = HOT!)
~I'm no grammar genius, but I'm a grammar Nazi

All time favorite songs..
-All this time by OneRepublic
-Ordinary people by John Legend
-Live like we're dying by The script
-La La by The Cab
-If you got the money by Jamie T
-The look by Ryan Tedder
-Valerie by Amy Winehouse
-Without a word by Birdy
-Small bump by Ed sheeran
-Momma knows best by Jessie J
-Naive by The Kooks
-Sunday morning by Maroon 5
-Just Friends by Jason Reeves

Aims for NRS
500 =done!
2500 =done!
4000 =done!
6000 =

50 =done!
100 =done!
150 =

please check it out guys!:)x
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