Hey!!!!! If your reading this thank you!
I love to write!!! This is my first time sharing my stuff:) I hope you like:)

I love music and I am addicted to happy ending:) I am a total girly girl and I love flowers and my best friend who is in the picture above:) ( I am the blonde one:)) I love romance stories and my family:)

I am really artsy and I love to paint and I make a lot of my clothes:) I love reading its my huge addiction but, I am obbessed with working out! lol Crazy combination!

Feel free to send me a message if you want to chat!:)
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readerwriterlover16 readerwriterlover16 Jun 21, 2011 03:34PM
Hey guys:) Check out my new story Only You I have never wrote anything like that before so tell me what you think!!!!! Thank you
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