Damn, can't update my pw and access wattpad on a laptop to update stories. Wattpad Support grrrr i cant even receive emails DDx


@readerssin Hope you get it soon ;-;


@4Khalispher im still trying to access my account on my laptop so that i can update it, im sloppy typing on mobile ;-; 


@readerssin when will you update the Tsukishima story? Please let us know i really love it.


hello author-san/sin-san! i wanted to tell you that i always look back ok your work i really love the plot and how you work on the flow and characters on your books. im just really worried about you because it been years every since you last uploaded. we all are worried about you. hoping yo hear from ya.  


Hey @readerssin I wanted to tell you I always come back to your books and I really enjoy your writing style and the plots that you come up with. I've wanted to write to you to check up on you and to see if you have a new account or anything because either want to enjoy most of your writing. Hope to hear from you soon. xoxo❤


hiii i recently read your books and honestly, it's heaven sent. <3 my fave was the haste (suga x y/n x daichi) oneshot in your 1st hq!! book. tho, it's sad, like sad sad. ToT
          looking forward to see you update in your 2nd hq!! book!


Hi! I really love your books, like the Haikyuu ones! Are you still there? I hope you're doing okay and well. Did you forget your password here? Lol jk. 
          I hope to see you here again, even if just replies. Wish you're safe and just resting.